VESSESL is a thesis project for MFA Illustration Practice Program. It is an exploration of forms and shapes.
With the installation of the exhibition, I went out my comfort zone of drawing on paper and had a chance to explore all forms of art making, making objects such as a hanging mobile, glass vessels, a rug, a pot and more. It was an attempt to give real like application to my narratives and comics. I consider them to convey a different layer of context and a new level of meaning when they become tactile.

Kim_Minjoo_03 copy.jpg

In the core of the exhibition lies the eponymous book, Vessels.
It collects series of explorations that took place in different modes of art, including painting, sculpture, drawings, and narratives. It is an artist book that archives and documents the journey.
You can view each stories from the book here: Collectibles, Self-Friend, Floats, and Flowering