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book and culture

SCRIBED is a publication that focuses on a single book per each issue. Looking at the book in various perspectives imaginable, SCRIBED dissects the literature in ways that are relevant to us now including art, music, film, and more. A Book is not just words. It has its own story behind it, the background stories of its creation, the writer, the aftermath of publication, and many more. SCRIBED aims to shine light onto literature that have been loved or hated, to appreciate its being in our culture. 

In every issue, the book gets dissected into three different chapters with each section focusing on unique traits of the book: Drip - broader discussions including interview of the author and reviews of the book, Spill - dissecting different themes and issues dealt in the book, and Splatter - the book in relation to visual culture and music, etc. The First Issue to be discussed in the book is Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

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